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Hotel Palau Fugit

Costa Brava

Palau Fugit is more than a hotel, it is a way of seeing and living life to the full in every sense

It is a project of values from the hand of a team of expert professionals who offer a quality service and proximity for visitors who are looking for a different and quiet place, which allows them to rest and have new experiences.
Our luxury is found in the small details: every material used, every artisan with whom we work and every product we offer has a reason to be: the best quality, respect for the environment of Girona and a great originality.


Costa Brava

Costa Brava

Sustainability and proximity is one of the main values of Palau Fugit. Every detail is taken care of to the maximum to offer the best quality in attention, communication, spaces and products. We have designed a complete experience that starts with the reservation and ends well beyond the check-out.


Costa Brava

Costa Brava

In short, Palau Fugit is more than a hotel. It is a space open to art, nature, traditions, gastronomy, Girona and the world. It is a place to escape to enjoy all those little things that make you feel full and that make your life a full life.



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