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With its own special
light and magnetic personality

Costa Brava

Allow me to introduce myself:
I am the land of Salvador Dalí,
Josep Pla and the Roca brothers

The greatness of a region does not lie in its dimensions, but in the life that it contains. And few destinations in the world offer as many contrasts and flavours as the Costa Brava and Girona Pyrenees. A little slice of land with its own special light and a magnetic personality. The Pyrenees rolling carelessly down to the sea, ancestral forests, secluded coves and coastal footpaths. Ancient remains and contemporary geniuses: Dalí’s paintbrush, Pla’s pen, the Roca brothers’ table. Harmony between humans and nature infuses the surroundings: the north wind and wines with character, the magic of the gastronomy and a prized community of artisans, guardians of yesteryear who preserve the region’s deep-rooted identity. A miniature universe to discover through experiences and to enjoy exclusively with us: Unique Premium Club.

Your vision becomes panoramic; or rather, the senses fall apart before it. You see so much land and sea.
It’s a place to let your gaze wander.

Josep Pla

Magical places
where dreams come true

A beech forest (fageda in Catalan) nestled between dormant volcanoes; a river that begins in the Pyrenees and winds its way down to meet the Mediterranean; unspoilt beaches, towering islets and the wild mouth of the river Ter. A windswept headland, an almost lunar landscape, under the watchful eye of the Canigou mountain just across the border. Eternal light, a land with deep roots and the ineffable drive of its people.

Location: l’Albera
Photograph: Anna Pla-Narbona
Costa Brava
Location: Medes Islands
Photograph: Anna Pla-Narbona
Costa Brava

Feel something real

Intense emotions accompany us throughout our lives, there’s no denying it. The body has a memory and is nourished by those small, yet important moments that move us: when catching sight of a particular landscape gives us goose pimples and we connect with something that cannot be put into words. A leisurely dinner, while the sun sets. Time seems to stand still and then, all of a sudden, it happens: the present moment is the only thing that matters, the only thing we truly have and that must be enjoyed without filters or reservation. Open your senses fully and let the Costa Brava and the Girona Pyrenees inoculate you with their unique energy. Only then can this land of ours work its magic and become a part of you, forever.

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Weightlessness in the water

Floating and feeling a sense of trust in the sea

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The second life of the medieval villages

The villages of Empordà, located on hills, surrounded by fields and full of nooks, life and history, preserve their medieval essence.

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A winery in Cap de Creus

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Where the sky is nearer

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Bearing witness to nature

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Creativity: Weaving tradition

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The Mediterranean is home

The Mediterranean is a sea between lands; a sea that is home to all.

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Let the hours pass around the table, unhurried, tasting the local produce among the vineyards; go out for a snowfall and anchor in a solitary cove; discover unspoilt spaces where the sea and the rock embrace with the permission of imposing pine trees. Eat sea urchins, freshly harvested, right on the beach. Rent a sports car and drive around Cap de Creus. Practice swinging on a charming route and walk among volcanoes in the Garrotxa. Feel the tramontana in your body. Relax in an old farmhouse that has been renovated into a hotel-SPA and dine in a brilliant restaurant where the product is everything. Laugh and be moved. Admire the meticulous work of the artisans and understand why there are things that can never disappear.

About us

Our manifesto:
Guests, not tourists

Unique Premium Club invites you to take a journey through the senses. In partnership with our select members, we offer accommodation where luxury lies in connecting with a rhythm of life, with a way of being and doing things that has deep roots, with the pulse of a region that prides itself on the excellence of its leisure, hospitality and dining options.

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Costa Brava

Where the Pyrenees and
the Mediterranean meet

The province of Girona is perfectly delimited by the Pyrenees to the north and the Mediterranean to the east. Its capital is located in a strategic midpoint, 100 kilometres from Barcelona and Perpignan. With its own airport, three important ports in Blanes, Palamós and Roses, and different roads leading in from France, Girona and its province are home to the Costa Brava and Eastern Pyrenees.

Girona-Costa Brava
Barcelona El Prat


Barcelona-Girona: 38 min
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Paris-Girona: 5 h



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