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Pere Quera 1887

Costa Brava

Pere Quera 1887 is a jeweller and watchmaker established 130 years ago.

The shop is currently run by the fifth and sixth generations of the Quera family, who have introduced their own touch of modernity, prestige and avant-garde while still maintaining the spirit and philosophy of their predecessors: friendly service, high standards, a passion for the profession and quality products.

Thanks to this, it is the leading establishment in the jewellery and watchmaking sector in the province of Girona and it is regarded as a benchmark throughout the country. Its shops in Girona, Figueres and Alicante sell the best names in international jewellery and Swiss watches. The high quality of its products is complemented by the fact that it has its own watch-repair service and jewellery workshop.

Costa Brava

Pere Quera 1887

Costa Brava

Design Mariona Quera

Costa Brava

6th generation. Mariona, Pere and Joan Quera

Costa Brava


Gil Costa


Girona and Figueres


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+34 972 20 46 90

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