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Costa Brava
the land of Dalí, Pla and the Roca brothers

The greatness of a region does not lie in its dimensions, but in the life that it contains. And few destinations in the world offer as many contrasts and flavours as the Costa Brava and Girona Pyrenees. A little slice of land with its own special light and a magnetic personality. The Pyrenees rolling carelessly down to the sea, ancestral forests, secluded coves and coastal footpaths.

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You are what you eat

Iolanda invites you to stroll through Empordà, discovering the area’s wildlife

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Weightlessness in the water

Floating and feeling a sense of trust in the sea

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The second life of the medieval villages

The villages of Empordà, located on hills, surrounded by fields and full of nooks, life and history, preserve their medieval essence.

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Pedalling through Empordà

If you like to travel on two wheels, you will not be disappointed while discovering hidden paths in Empordà.

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A winery in Cap de Creus

Located at the top of Cap de Creus, Martín i Faixó invites you to enjoy a full experience where eating and drinking from the surroundings takes on great importance.

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