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It is implicit in its name: the Costa Brava is character. The product is expressed with purity, intense and sinuous, like a coastal path that falls into the sea between ancient pines. Hidden coves and the whole chromatic palette, grandchildren and deep flavors, like the plunge of the Pyrenees into the Mediterranean. Sea and mountain, boat stews and selected meats.

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Tossa de Mar

Tossa de Mar is a coastal town located in the La Selva region

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Santa Clotilde Gardens

The Santa Clotilde Gardens, in Lloret de Mar, are an example of the Noucentist movement in the area

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Coastal towns

The Costa Brava is formed by a series of coastal towns that characterise the area

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Oli de Ventalló

Oli de Ventalló are producers of extra virgin olive oil obtained from local olives using traditional methods

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Spring, this beautiful season of the year, begins on 10 March and ends on 21 June