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It is implicit in its name: the Costa Brava is character. The product is expressed with purity, intense and sinuous, like a coastal path that falls into the sea between ancient pines. Hidden coves and the whole chromatic palette, grandchildren and deep flavors, like the plunge of the Pyrenees into the Mediterranean. Sea and mountain, boat stews and selected meats.

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Tradition on the Mediterranean

Sailing on a regular boat is not the same as being on a llaüt.

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The Mediterranean is home

The Mediterranean is a sea between lands; a sea that is home to all.

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Charming fishing villages

The quaint former fishing village of Calella de Palafrugell has maintained all the charm of its seafaring past

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Riding the ocean

Speeding over the water, the wind in your face, tousled hair and the roar of the sea.

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The transparent water

The Mediterranean of the Empordà region, along its rocky coastlines, is usually cool and crystalline.